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RE: What can we do for NASA?


Rather than using a micro- or picosat to do the inspection, why not have a
couple of the astronauts do an EVA to do the inspection?  Certainly a
well-trained astronaut could spot things that would be more difficult to
spot with a camera.

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So i'll toss out an idea as an example of what i'm talking about.  One thing
that NASA is not able to do, is to inspect the Shuttle once it is in space.
(Granted that they might not be able to do anything about it now, but that
could change.)  We, as amateurs, have built satellites 
which are able to take pictures of things from space.  Could we make a 
microsat or picosat which could be hand-launched from the shuttle bay 
(or otherwise be gently released) and inspect the shuttle in orbit?

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