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Re: What can we do for NASA?

Robert Oler wrote:

> The Columbia disaster.  I really dont think discussion of it is that far 
> off. 

If it's to be talked about at all on an AMSAT list, clearly it should be 
SAREX rather than AMSAT-BB.

I think the best "thing we can do for NASA" is give them a chance to 
gather information so this event can be understood. When all is said and 
done, even with an optimum design there will always be a danger that any 
manned LEO spacecraft will take unobserved collision damage during 
ascent or on-orbit severe enough to cause loss of mission and crew.

I certainly don't buy the rather lame argument that "it's off topic but 
it's such a big event that every other list is doing it so who cares". 
There *are* places where "manned spacecraft design" or "conspiracy 
theory number {n}" or "this disater was predicted by {an ignored whistle 
blower|Nostradamus}" or "I {hate|love} NASA" politics are on-topic...but 
none of them are AMSAT lists.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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