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>I never said it was optimal and I plan on improving it.  But yet, here is
>another person who thinks he knows what I hear.  It's amazing!  Perhaps
>people think it's a dud because they expect it to sound like their local
>repeater.  I cut my teeth in satellites on AO-10 a few years ago where
>signals had a lot of fade and tended to be very weak.  I routinely work DX
>on HF and pileups in contests where stations are below the noise floor of my
>rx.  I have no problem hearing anyone on AO-40.  Sheesh!  I love  how people
>tell me I can't hear.  I just love it.

It could be that you dont know what you are NOT hearing.  If you cant hear the
'wooshing' of the noise floor your no doubt missing people on the bird. there
are groups of people that regularly run roundtable so close to the noise floor
that they are constantly being tuned up on and 'CQ'ed" over.

>I never said the satellite noise floor.  I am talking about my noise floor.
>And if there are stations who are just above the satellite noise floor, then
>they are running too little power, IMHO.  Oh yeah, we gotta  be Boy Scouts.
>Don't be 10 dB below the beacon, be 20 or 40 dB below it.  That's the idea.

Now you got it,  That is how its suppose to work,  this aint 27mhz dude there
is only so much power to go around .  SO the less Tx power you use the more
thats left over for the other guys.  Which BTW would be a lot more if it didnt
take 2kw eirp to get into the bird.

>Yet why am I even talking and discussing this.  I obviously can't hear a
>damn thing on AO-40 according to all you experts and so I must be one of
>these lids!  Cripe.  What a great way to encourage people to use the bird.

Not "encourage people to use the bird."  The correct answer is "encouraged to
use the bird correctly."

>Yet, it's funny.  I've had QSOs with a couple of guys who have had spectrum
>analyzers on their signals to monitor their strength (and mine) relative to
>the beacon.  Just the other day this happened.  I was peaking around S-2 on
>my S meter and the other station told me I was better than 10 dB below the
>beacon.  I heard just fine.

Im one of those guys with a spectrum analyzer. And i can say 80% of the people
AO-40 do not run 10db below the beacon. And the obvious reason is they cant
hear themselves or others by doing so.  Some just like being loud.

Keith  N6ORS

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