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Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

on 2/4/03 10:56 AM, Andrew Glasbrenner at glasbrenner@mindspring.com wrote:

> Since you took a private message back to the -bb, here's the rest of it.
> You've been on AO-40 for 2 weeks during periods of optimum squint.

Do you call 25 degrees optimum squint?

You have no idea who I have worked nor when!

> It also 
> seems that you can't discuss this without getting personal. When you have been
> on a while, and been through some poor squints and maybe another cluster____
> like the qso party, you will understand what everyone is telling you.

Perhaps I just see things differently.  It is personal because guys like you
accuse those of us who haven't been on as long as not knowing what we are
talking about.  It is personal because guys like you tell those of us who
don't have as sophisticated a setup that we can't hear squat.

> The fact remains the procedure is 8-10 db down, and this applies to everyone,
> regardless of equipment. If you have a magical BBQ dish, then fine.
I never said that I didn't operate 8 to 10 dB down.
> And since when does an S unit equate to db? Do you really think your S-meter
> is linear?

Typically an S-unit is defined a 6 dB.  I've been told that most S-meters
aren't anywhere near that but are more like about 2 dB.  So it follows then
that if it is 2 dB you get the following:

Beacon = S8
S8 - 10 dB = S8 - 5 units = S3

Assuming there is some nonlinearity there, then we can say that signals in
the S0 to S2 range are safely 10 dB below the beacon.


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