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Re: was TS-2000X, now AO-40 lids

>Gee, perhaps the guy has one setup for EME and AO-40.  It's not >so easy to
>add attenuation in just one path.

Sure it is. When you operate AO-40, add in a few dozen feet of RG-58 or RG-8X. Offpoint. Turn the mike gain down. Too hard?

>Oh yeah, I'm one of those people who are running a BBQ dish.  >I'm not
>supposed to be able to hear well....Yet, I hear fine.  Work >stations all
>time when squints are above 20 degrees.

You only think you hear well. I used a BBQ dish for a while, and now use a 3ft solid prime focus. BBQ dishes are ok to start with, but ARE NOT optimal. I talked to 3-4 guys this weekend who thought AO-40 was a dud because they couldn't hear it well enough on their BBQ dishes. Watch the swap boards and see how many $300 converters mated to useless antennas turn up for sale.

>In my experience on AO-40, I find VERY few people running >anywhere near
>beacon.  Supposedly, the "experts" say that a BBQ dish doesn't >cut it.
>Well, it does.  I get the beacon very loud and can work >stations down to
>noise floor.  Most stations are a couple dB above the noise >floor but they
>are WAY more than 10 dB below the beacon.  I've never heard >anyone calling
>CQ on top of the beacon.  It's so loud, I can't believe anyone >with any
>of S band antenna can't hear it.

There is no way you hear the "satellite" noise floor on a standard BBQ dish setup. Maybe if you make it a 3 ft circular like K5OE's plans, add a circular feed, and screen in the dish. For several hours during the Sunday of the QSO party there was some fool on CW right on top of the beacon. I ROUTINELY hear stations +-3 db of the beacon, on CW, SSB, and especially on SSTV. The CW really pumps the AGC too, and the ops usually don't hear Leila because of their filters. The first rule of amateur satellites is being able to hear! Why are people willing to put up 20 ft long Mode B/J antennas, but not a 3ft dish?

There is no excuse for being beacon level, and no excuse for not being able to hear the satellite well.

73, Drew KO4MA

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