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RE: RE:Alike 911 unheard warnings retired NASA engineer alert president abt shuttle poor conditions

Guys guys guys.....  as much as I have come to HATE the word DEMOCRAT,
please, this is not the place for it.  Several users have left the list over
the last few days, and we need all the satellite operators we can get right
now.  If you like, I can point you to a list where a bunch of gun owners can
fill your ear with facts about them grabbing taxes, guns, and etc etc....
You would be most welcome to join the political list there.  But AMSAT is
not the place.  I agree you have a right to say it.  I agree the other side
has a right to be wrong.  I spent most of my life defending that right.  But
please, not here.  I am trying to be nice... I hope it comes across that

Mike.  KD9KC.

> It must not be true.  The mainstream press would never
> miss an opportunity to bash President Bush.  Of course
> had Clinton been president at the time then it would
> have been Newt Grengrich's fault.

> > I read it on alternative news services but there was
> > absolutly
> > nothing in the mainstream american press.  which
> > didnt suprise
> > me very much.

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