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Re: Getting Into Digital ?

Well, you won't get much luck with a standard 1200 baud modem.  The digital
sats that operate at 1200 are few and far between these days.  It's just not
fast enough.  On top of that, the 1200 baud sats were designed to use a
special type of 1200 baud packet.  They used what was called Manchester
encoding on the uplink and PSK on the downlink.  You can modify your TNC to
do Manchester pretty easily, but the downlink requires a very special and
expensive modem.

The only standard 1200 baud satellites in orbit would be the ISS and
WB4APR's PC-Sat.  PC-Sat is designed to digipeat APRS packets.  That's it.
I've not played with the ISS system and I don't know what's there either.

Once you move up to 9600 baud, you have a lot more choices.

I know, it bites!  



on 2/3/03 9:24 PM, Peter Moscatt at pmoscatt@yahoo.com wrote:

> I am wanting to get into working the digital sats but
> unsure which ones to home in on to get my feet wet.
> I have an FT847 with a MFJ-1278 hooked up to it, this
> is capable of 1200bd.
> Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

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