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Uplink power on L-Band

At 23:41 03/02/03 -0600, Jon Ogden wrote:

>I worked W0LMD a few nights ago.  He has a 14 foot dish he uses on the
>uplink.  He was as loud as the beacon.  He was only using about a quarter
>watt.  If one has a good uplink antenna and is running the minimum power
>they can, they should not be called "guilty."


I strongly disagree.  What causes an excessively strong downlink signal is 
too much ERP (dish gain x tx power reaching the antenna)!  If you have a 
big dish you must reduce uplink power until you bring the ERP to an 
acceptable level.

  If you can't reduce it on the rig, don't operate until you have added an 
attenuator somewhere in the system.

Charlie G3WDG

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