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Interesting snippet from IEEE Spectrum re: interference

This of course has no legal standing, but is an interesting look at the 
Excerpted from the article "More Air for Wi-Fi?", IEEE Spectrum, Feb. 2003, 

As you might guess, the article touches on spectrum congestion caused by 
the commercial success of a wide variety of unlicensed 2.4GHz banded products.

about the middle of paragraph 5:  "Other uses make things worse, 
particularly in the 2.4-GHz band, which has cordless telephones; bar code 
readers; the Bluetooth wireless standard; and even microwave ovens.  There 
are also licensed users of the same spectrum, like ham radio and the 
budding area of ham television.  Notes Hendricks, "If there's interference, 
the licensed user has every right to demand the unlicensed operator 
eliminate the interference or shut down".

!!!!!! Those are strong words !!!!!

Of importance, of course, is who "Hendricks" is.  Earlier in the article 
that is identified as Dewayne Hendricks, chair of the FCC spectrum 
management working group and a member of the commission's Office of 
Engineering Technology advisory council.

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