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Alike 911 unheard warnings retired NASA engineer alert president abt shuttle poor conditions

Freely translated and summarized from a French newspaper Le Parisien publish on february 3 2003:

A retired NASA engineer send a letter on august 2002 adressed to the President of the United State.Here 
is what it was publish in the article.

August 25 2002

Don A. Nelson

Office of the President of the United States
Mr. George W. Bush

I am a recently retired NASA aerospace engineer and it is my duty to inform you that our space shuttle 
astronauts are in eminent danger. Your intervention is required to prevent another catastrophic space 
shuttle accident...
Mr. President, as you are aware NASA management has been lacking for a number of years. 
Unfortunately, your new NASA administrator has failed to recognize the eminent space shuttle danger and 
has accepted the consul of the pre-existing NASA management...
This moratorium must limit shuttle mission to flight crews that do not exceed four members...
Or if this moratorium is ignore...we can watch in horror and shame as the astronauts face death...
The French newspaper also report that NASA was aware of the potential danger of the shuttle fleet as per 
Don Nelson who was in charge of the security controls on the shuttle program. This retired engineer 
retired in 1999 has been involved into Gemini, Appolo, and shuttle programs. He start in Houston an airline
security consulting company. The september 11 2001 attacks drive him to write to the president. He was 
since his retirement always critical towards NASA and he was inspired by the FBI agents who give 
numerous warnings to their boss regarding the terrorist risk prior to 911.

He received two former reprimand for his actions and in december 2002 the presidential office send him a 
letter stating that there was no problems. In the same year the airline security national council issued a 
report signed by the council president Richard Blomberg who was hitting  the table in april 2002 just 
before resingning stating that he  has been never so afraid of the shuttles fleet security in years and the 
present aproach will undoubtly conduct to a futur danger. 

He was sticking to an escape pod idea for the shuttle but the idea was turned over due to financial 

I was watching the US news networks but never hear anything regarding this article and letter.

Anyone hear something about it?

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE (AMSAT 33583)
Coordonnateur AMSAT pour le Québec
Quebec AMSAT coordinator
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Sorel-Tracy QC.
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