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Re: NSW Radar and Shuttles.

It wasn't an ionization trail that reflected the radar. 
It was a debris cloud.

Dan Schultz N8FGV
Tom WB8WOR wrote:

WHENEVER the shuttle lands, it seems like I get an explosion of APRS 
posits (well, maybe just a small sparkle) direct from Texas, Arizona, 
Louisiana.  I have long assumed that this is due to atmospheric ionization 
that occurs in the shuttle's reentry, just like meteors.  I'ts been so 
consistent that I like to rush home after a shuttle landing to see it.

Couldn't the same be said of NWS Radar images?  I mean, I'd expect that 
any ionization trail would exhibit the sort of diffusion and smearing that 
appears on Saturday's image, not just when something like this tragedy 



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