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NSW Radar and Shuttles.

The news outlets have been putting this image up as well.  Before we get 
too caught up in sensationalism at, I'd like to submit the following
observation and theory:

WHENEVER the shuttle lands, it seems like I get an explosion of APRS 
posits (well, maybe just a small sparkle) direct from Texas, Arizona, 
Louisiana.  I have long assumed that this is due to atmospheric ionization 
that occurs in the shuttle's reentry, just like meteors.  I'ts been so 
consistent that I like to rush home after a shuttle landing to see it.

Couldn't the same be said of NWS Radar images?  I mean, I'd expect that 
any ionization trail would exhibit the sort of diffusion and smearing that 
appears on Saturday's image, not just when something like this tragedy 


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