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rig control experiences


I am looking for rig control for my setup below. I have been thinking about
NovaTune as another alternative to the two options listed below and was
wondering if those of you who are using it can comment on it's ability to
control multiple-rigs (specifically the 847 and 910) for cross radio
operation. Also, if I have missed any other compatible options, please let
me know.

I have my station setup as follows:

FT-847: 70cm (via downconverter this is my S band downlink),
         2m (via upconverter this is my L band uplink)

IC-910: 70cm uplink
         2m (via downconverter this will be my K band downlink - still
working on this)

I have been test driving FT-847 Super Control (with Nova for doppler and
rotator control) and the TRX-Manager (also with Nova for doppler and rotator
control). I really like the FT-847 Super Control over the TRX-Manager, but
of course the FT-846 Super Control will not control my 910. TRX-Manager will
control both 847 and 910 but I really don't like the user interface and it's

Any suggestions or experiences with NovaTune? Please keep in mind that it's
not an option for me to switch IFs or rigs. I already own Nova for Windows
and am happy with it (it's the only thing that will control my antennas).



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