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Re: Re: Sangat Singh's comments

And this isn't the forum for political rumors, either. Give it a rest,

If for no other reason, out of respect for those lost and their families,
could we please stop the bickering and one upmanship?

As others have noted, this is not the time or place. Have you people no
shame whatsoever? Whether your agenda is pro or anti this or that, if it
isn't germane to amsat, please vent your problems on another (perhaps more
relevant) list, and let us ponder our loss and show our respect to those
involved, without the flag waving for, or disparagement of, any particular

...hasan, N0AN

> I heard a rumor that, with all the anti-American sentiment being shouted
> about, the US may well stop supporting the governments of these people. I
> sure hope it is a rumor: how many days could they survive without it???

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