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Re: Sangat Singh's comments

Firstly, I would also like to express my deepest sadness and condolences to
the families of the Astronauts in STS107 Colombia.

Regarding people with different opinions to myself:- I expect to communicate
with Amateur Radio operators with opinions different to my own. I'm a
conservative thinking, Australian Baptist with many very strongly held
opinions which I could't imagine more than 1% of the world's population
agreeing with me on.

    I agree with the introduction published in an old copy of the ARRL
Handbook I have, which contains a statement that, "Amateur Radio, like no
other hobby has the ability to enhance international understanding and good
will", or words to that  effect. I'm not sure how international
understanding could be enhanced if we don't listen to the opinions of
others. We don't have to agree. We only need to be polite and listen to what
others have to say.

    I don't agree with Sangat Singh's political opinions but I do understand
he has a concern for real people in this world.

    If I say to Sangat Singh, or anyone else that,  "I'm not interested in
your opinion or concerns", or words to that effect I would also have to ask
myself, "why am I an Amateur Radio operator?" because it is ceartainly not
the ideal hobby for people who don't like talking to people with opinions
different to their own. - Especially Satellites!

Murray Peterson
Sydney, NSW,

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