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Your Input, Please.......

 Greetings to all,

I was at a Hamfest yesterday (Sat. Febr., 1st) and I was thinking out
loud to one of the commercial vendors there.  I currently use an FT-790R
II as my up link AO-40 exciter.  There are several things about this rig
that I dislike so my thoughts turned towards getting a single "box" that
will do what I need for a much more pleasant experience on this bird.  I
note that the IC-910H (2m. & 70 cm. version)  and the FT-847 are very
close in price.  At this point in time I may well not use the up link
radio as my AO-40 RX.  I currently use two down conversions to 10 m. and
my FT-920 is the satellite RX of choice.  The 2 m. allmode I have is the
companion rig to the 790, an FT 290R II.  So having the ability to use
the FT-920 as the AO-40 RX was, as I have learned over the past several
months, a very wise choice.  I may continue doing this even though either
the 847 or the 910 would have a much better RX than the 290.  

I have heard/worked quite a large number of stations using both the 847
and the 910 so your thoughts and "advice" would be very much appreciated
by singing the glories of your radio either via private e-mailings or
posting to the BB. 

Thank you in advance.  73

Frank, K0BLT

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