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Re: (Fwd) Shuttle Columbia Sangat Singh

Terry, I concur  100% with your sentiments.  That is why every night before
I go to sleep, I thank my Lord above for our truly great President Bush.  I
shudder to think what this Nation would now be without his Guidance and

Long Live America  !!!

73 de Jim K4PYT


Some such as yourself would seek to silence
any views concerning anything your not
comfortable with.

Tune in all The HF bands and LISTEN to other
Amateurs and their opinions, you will find
Sangat is not alone in his view of the USA and Britain.

Many of us have lived and worked in the Middle east with
the United Nations and have a good understanding of the
real costs of war, no matter how it was contrived.

In the end we are human beings, then Amateurs.

I stand with Humanity first.

That's my opinion.



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