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Re: (Fwd) Shuttle Columbia

This just makes me terribly sick.  I watch the crew on NASA select carrying 
out their mission.  Doing  experiments. Their joy, enthusiasm, vision, and 
dreams of how their work will benefit us, and today they're gone.

We can't let their dreams pass away.

At 02:09 AM 2/2/03 +0000, "Frederick M. Spinner" <fspinner@hotmail.com> wrote:
>This should show us satellite enthusiasts two things:
>Our "loss" with AO-40 was minor, or not a loss at all.
>And just like president Bush stated that we will continue with the shuttle 
>program, AMSAT should continue pushing the frontiers of amateur space 
>technology. Setbacks
>should not stop NASA nor AMSAT.
>Sending things into space is never routine and we should be proud of 
>AMSAT's accomplishments and the accomplishments of NASA's astronauts and 
>all astronauts.
>We are both fighting the good fight.  God bless the astronauts and their 
>Fred W0FMS

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