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A Sad Day

Hello All:

This is indeed a sad day for the Country, for Israel and or the World as we
mourn the loss of space shuttle Columbia and its crew.

You may recall that it was Columbia that Owen Garriot flew on when he
communicated with the World from space via Amateur Radio - the first ham in

I want to urge all connected with AMSAT not to speculate publicly (That
includes on the Internet.) regarding what might have happened and what steps
should be taken in the future.  Some may take whatever is said by a person
connected with an organization like AMSAT, or is placed on an AMSAT facility
such as BB, as carrying some kind of specialized or "inside" knowledge.
This could turn out to be very damaging to our future activities.

In the meantime, all we should do is follow the news sources and feel grief
for the lost astronauts and their families.


Bill Tynan, W3XO
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