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Re: AO-40 K Band 30Jan03

Hello all,

         I have QSO with I6PNN this after noon 14h50 utc on K mode.

                                      73 from F6GBQ.
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Sent: Friday, January 31, 2003 2:02 PM
Subject: AO-40 K Band 30Jan03

> I was successful in working Jean, F6GBQ in SSB using K band receive on
> Thursday. Even though Jean has K Band capability, he had to use S to
> due to K Band preamp problems.
> I found the beacon quite rapidly, but the signal was very weak. Peaking at
> S1. I believe it was due to high squint. I started the window at 5
> The AO-40 K Band horn is -3 dB @ 13 degrees, so I was close to 3 dB
> The squint got worse as the pass progressed.
> After my contact with Jean, I heard another station calling but was unable
> copy the callsign..... I believe we could have worked CW, but I wasn't
> prepared. I will be next time. (Jean told me it was DK1KQ. Sorry to not
> you OM)
> It's always a challenge for me to operate K Band because I have to set my
> complete system (uplink/downlink) up outside. At least the temperatures
> moderated a bit in VT. Yesterday it was sunny, 20 degrees and moderate
> My next window to Europe is Monday 03Feb03 beginning at 1903. The squint
> predicted to be high again. Now if we could just convince the AO-40
> team to let ALAT move to +3 or +4 I'd be seeing decent squint angles
> the K window....... (I can dream can't I ???)
> There is another K Band window, but the footprint covers mostly NA/SA.
> there aren't any other operational K Band receive systems in the
footprint, I
> usually don't set up. Is anyone other than Jerry, K5OE (and Al, W5LUA)
> working on AO-40 K Band in the US??
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ
> AMSAT #29649
> Local Area Coordinator
> "A closed mouth gathers no feet."
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