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Re: K Band 30Jan03

Hello all,

         I am again ready this day and after(problem with my preanp 3X NE
32584c,one NE qrt,is resolved).

        Windo this day has 14h40 UTC in K mod.

         I heard last night 19h30(in S mod for me) N1JEZ rpt 56 we have qso,
and OE9VKW rpt 55 receved only, this 2 stations ready in K mod RX.

        The pleasure to find you on K mod.

                                     73 F6GBQ jean michel in JN13VR-AMSAT

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Subject: K Band 30Jan03

> Howdy,
> I plan to be active during the K Band window today 30Jan03 beginning at
> UTC. I will be 15-20 kHz below the beacon.
> I'm primarily looking for European DX contacts with station also equipped
> with K Band. Squint angles don't look very good here in Vermont, but I'll
> give it a shot. Hope to work you!
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ
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