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Re: clearspeech

Using it, love it - no power problems.  I run it from an Astron MR-35 with 
a 12 VDC power distribution block, so hook up was a snap.  The reduction of 
background noise is incredible!  makes AO-40 a true pleasure - all the hiss 
disappears.  YMMV.


At 05:10 PM 1/30/2003, Don Blachura wrote:
>     Anyone using the new Clear Speech Noise Filter? Base station.
>I just got the new version. Calls for external power( 12) volts. The
>negitive connection goes to the rig chasse ground. Tried it but no luck.
>Even tried connecting it to my ft-1000mp 13v connector in the rear. Which
>would be perfect for the rig ground. But no luck. Hate to open up and fool
>around. Just got it... Any suggestions?
>P.S. called and a new one is on its way.....
>         Just wondering if I am doing something
>         wrong....

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