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SatPC32 map display

Don Woodward wrote:

Can SatPC32 display the entire earth map (in one frame - without panning)? I like being able to see what's approaching like I can in Nova.

Wayne replies:

Yes, SatPC32 displays the entire world map.  The screen shot you saw on DK1TB's home page shows the map in the "Zoom2" display mode (zoomed in).  To see a screenshot of the "Zoom1" (entire earth) map display, click the "Software" hyperlink, then scroll down and click the "more screenshots SatPC32" hyperlink.   http://www.dk1tb.de/indexeng.htm

SatPC32 allows you to center the world map on your longitude and specify whether the default display mode is "Zoom1" or "Zoom2".  You can specify other default display settings such as single/multiple satellites, grayline on/off, and "direction arrow" on/off.  The "direction arrow" is a really nice feature.  It displays a small arrow near the SSP, showing which direction the SSP is moving.  It doesn't clutter the map display like a ground track line does.  The "direction arrow" is shown in all the screen shots.  The ground track of the active satellite can be displayed with a single mouse click, but it always defaults to "off' when starting the program.

The "Zoom2" mode is kind of strange because it centers the map on the satellite.  When tracking a satellite in "Zoom2" mode, the satellite footprint stays in the middle of the screen, and the map pans to track the movement of the satellite.  I would prefer the "Zoom2" map to be centered on my location and show a moving satellite footprint.  But there are pros and cons to both approaches.  With a "moving map" zoomed display, you always know the satellite's location because the footprint is never "off the map".  With a "moving satellite" zoomed display centered on your location, a LEO satellite's footprint is completely off the map most of the time.  That could be very confusing to some people.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA
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