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Re: QSO party: ends 1/27 or orbit #1029?

Greg LaHaie <greglh@gte.net> wrote:
>  > 
>  > I'm confused.... has the 'extension' of the QSO party timetable been 
>  > adjusted to include orbit #1030 on 1/27/03?
>  > According to Nova , there is not any part of orbit 1029 that occurs on 
>  > Sunday 1/27. Yet  the rules say orbit 1029 is the last orbit for QSO's. 
>  > It also says the ending date is Sunday 1/27.

>Tim, salo@saloits.com replied:

>  I suspect that this is a matter of there being NORAD orbit
>  numbers and AMSAT orbit numbers.  In general, people and
>  software use orbit numbers without labeling them as 
>  "NORAD orbit number" or "AMSAT orbit number".
>  I suspect that the QSO party was described in AMSAT orbit
>  numbers and Nova wants to use NORAD orbit numbers.

It is possible to use either AMSAT or NASA orbit numbers in Nova. I recently 
discovered this when doing some K Band planning. I ran into exactly the same 
problem where a sked was described as being orb # xxx but it didn't match the 
time/date stated when I checked it in NOVA.

Here's where to make the change:
Right click on your view that has AO-40 in it.
Select "Configure view"
Next select "Format text"
In the bottom right hand side under "Orbit Number" you'll see two options:
@ perigee (most likely checked)
@ ascending node

@ perigee is AMSAT
@ ascending node is NASA (such as how they describe the Shuttle)

I checked @ ascending node and my orbit numbers now correspond with my 

Hope this helps.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
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