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Good N connectors for LMR400?

I need some Male N connectors for LMR400 that are good at 2.4 GHz.

The mailing list has convinced me that a well assembled high quality clamp 
(compression)/center pin soldered N connector will work.

What vendor/part number should I be looking for and where can I get them?

The local electronic stores only seem to carry the crimp type.  I have found 
Amphenol RF part number 82-202-1006 available on the web from between $5.00 and 
$9.00 each. Itís described as being for 9913 but some sites say it is for LMR-
400 also.  Will it work for LMR-400 Ultraflex?

Is there a better grade of connector? If so were can I order it from?

73, Randy N7SFI
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