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Re: Replacement For KCT??

Actually, the cost is $150. I bought one of his original boards with the
elevation daughter board. Worked great. I just purchased another el daughter
board (smoked mine but that's another story) and the latest one which is, as
Jon said, all on one board.

My board is on a 10' Kultronics TVRO dish controlling the Ham III rotor for
az and the original dish actuator for el.

His customer support is second to none. An excellant gentleman to deal with!

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> on 1/26/03 11:44 AM, Thomas and Judie Webb at tmwebb@cox.net wrote:
> > Are there any PCI based tracking units or trackers which can be
> > to my rotors without a major engineering project?  I know there are
> > which direct-connect to the Yaesu 5400/5500/???; could those be modified
> > work with standard rotor control boxes.  Would the 5400/5500 control box
> > work with my current rotors?
> There's an even better solution than a PCI slot version.  It's called
> ARSWin.  It's designed and built by EA4TX.  The best part about it is that
> the system will interface to virtually any rotor.
> ARSWin works via your parallel port.  There's an external board that
> interfaces the parallel port and the rotor.  He sells an azimuth board and
> then you get elevation by adding on a small daughter board.  You can add
> that daughter board at any time.  He's also got a brand new board coming
> that has both on a single board.
> Finally you can get either 8 bit or 10 bit resolution.  The 10 bit boards
> cost an additional $10 and you can upgrade an 8 bit board at any time.  I
> talked to him about this and he said that the 8 bit board is fine for
> satellite work while the 10 bit is for the guys who do EME or need more
> precise pointing.
> I don't have the website handy but a Google search for EA4TX or ARSWin
> give you what you want.
> Oh yeah, cost is about $170 USD or so.
> I'm surprised more people here haven't heard about this system.  It looks
> very nice.  I think I will eventually buy one of these for my station.
> 73,
> Jon
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