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Email filtering

I have spam filters on my input.  I made a huge mistake and visited
www.theWRONGcrack.net and they screwed me to the wall.  I am spammed
out the wazoo as my punishment for my moment of weakness (MEA CULPA).
YOU_AH CULPA: Software writers, PLEASE MAKE DEMO VERSIONS especially
if you have a small audience and want loads of money for your software! 

The reason I am writing here and wasting your bandwidth is to complain
about several people, primarily from hotmail, having malformed addresses
or no addresses showing up in their headers.   It would be better for us
and better for the user if these malformed headers were rejected by the
reflector so the user would know they have a problem and I would not have
to spend time rescuing things from the McAfee spam filter kill bin.

Bob McGwier, N4HY

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