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[Fwd: Re: Replacement For KCT??]

  Greetings to All,

Since I see numerous posts on the subject, thought I'd share my reply to 
Additionally, LabJack's A to D's (eight of them) are 12 bit and can be 
hooked up
in differential pairs mode to give 16 bit resolution. A little overkill 
but fun to see the
antenna tracking log with errors of less than a few tenths of a degree.

Hi Tom,

Went through the same thing a year ago and didn't upgrade the computer 
as much as I wanted.

Now there is a very good alternative to the KCT. LabJack U-12 is a USB 
instrumentation device
with all the IO one could want. $99.00. It works with NOVA tracking 
software - $60.00. A transistor
or relay is needed on each control line from LabJack to your Yaesu 
controller bu it's easy to do.

My system is working so well that I sold my KCT and recovered the slot 
which was combination
ISA/PCI. Now I have a second LabJack U-12 to control a 10' dish :-) . 
NOVA now supports
multiple U-12s so it only necessary to change to the one you want active 
in software. NOVA has
also told me that they will offer a small and inexpensive board to go 
between LabJAck and Yaesu.

http://www.nlsa.com/ for NOVA

http://www.labjack.com/ for LabJack

Please drop me an email if I can be of any help.

73 de N7UB, Al

PS: I have no financial interest in either company; just a satisfied user.

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