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Re: Replacement For KCT??

If you use Nova you might want to look at the LabJack - it's USB based. It won't
do Doppler tuning but you can use TX-RX Manager or some other software solution.

And there's always Uni_Trac which uses the parallel port - it will track the
rotators and tune the radio.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Are there any PCI based tracking units or trackers which can be interfaced
to my rotors without a major engineering project?  I know there are units
which direct-connect to the Yaesu 5400/5500/???; could those be modified to
work with standard rotor control boxes.  Would the 5400/5500 control box
work with my current rotors?

Also, if anyone knows of any reliable motherboards with an ISA slot, please
pass that along, too.


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