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Re: AO-10 Heard in ITALY

on 1/27/03 2:29 AM, John Charles at John@midmarsh.demon.co.uk wrote:

>> One other question:  Does the signal go away when you move your antennas
>> away from the bird?  I have had several tones that appear in that same area
>> of the band and sound just like AO-10s beacon.  But when I move my antennas,
>> nothing changes with the tone.  And is the tone gone when AO-10 is out of
> To the first - yes, partially. With the mast being set back from the
> building sometimes the computer is in line between a lobe of the beam
> and the bird so turning the beam does alter the strength of the spurious
> signal which complicates observations a little :(
> To the second - no!

Well, sadly, I'd say you heard something other than our bird.  I've done the
same thing!

I'm amazed right now how much crap is in the 2 meter band where I live.  My
only 2m beam was down for about 10 to 11 months and now that it's back up,
it amazes me how much stuff is there that I don't remember previously.
Don't know if it's me or the neighbors!  I've got a nice carrier right on
144.200 too!

But you can always tell if it's real by those two tests.  Move the antenna
and is it gone when the bird is in darkness (for AO-10) or not in range.



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