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Re: Replacement For KCT??

on 1/26/03 11:44 AM, Thomas and Judie Webb at tmwebb@cox.net wrote:

> Are there any PCI based tracking units or trackers which can be interfaced
> to my rotors without a major engineering project?  I know there are units
> which direct-connect to the Yaesu 5400/5500/???; could those be modified to
> work with standard rotor control boxes.  Would the 5400/5500 control box
> work with my current rotors?

There's an even better solution than a PCI slot version.  It's called
ARSWin.  It's designed and built by EA4TX.  The best part about it is that
the system will interface to virtually any rotor.

ARSWin works via your parallel port.  There's an external board that
interfaces the parallel port and the rotor.  He sells an azimuth board and
then you get elevation by adding on a small daughter board.  You can add
that daughter board at any time.  He's also got a brand new board coming out
that has both on a single board.

Finally you can get either 8 bit or 10 bit resolution.  The 10 bit boards
cost an additional $10 and you can upgrade an 8 bit board at any time.  I
talked to him about this and he said that the 8 bit board is fine for
satellite work while the 10 bit is for the guys who do EME or need more
precise pointing.

I don't have the website handy but a Google search for EA4TX or ARSWin will
give you what you want.

Oh yeah, cost is about $170 USD or so.

I'm surprised more people here haven't heard about this system.  It looks
very nice.  I think I will eventually buy one of these for my station.


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