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Re: AO-10 Heard in ITALY

In article <BA593A99.1FECB%na9d-2@speakeasy.net>, Jon Ogden <na9d-
2@speakeasy.net> writes
> John Charles at John@midmarsh.demon.co.uk wrote:
>> Tried things out here.
>> AO-10 in range.
>> Tone heard on 145.807 MHz
>> Switch computer off - no tone
>> Switch computer on - tone back on frequency again.
>> Funny thing is it appears to exhibit some fade.

>One other question:  Does the signal go away when you move your antennas
>away from the bird?  I have had several tones that appear in that same area
>of the band and sound just like AO-10s beacon.  But when I move my antennas,
>nothing changes with the tone.  And is the tone gone when AO-10 is out of

To the first - yes, partially. With the mast being set back from the
building sometimes the computer is in line between a lobe of the beam
and the bird so turning the beam does alter the strength of the spurious
signal which complicates observations a little :(
To the second - no!

BW  John
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