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QRV again on AO-40...sort of

Well I got my stuff hooked up today and listened to the end of the pass MA
198-240, roughly.  I had to run some new wire for powering the preamp since
the mast-mounted UHF PA box was taken down for maint. and it had the 12v
power supply that fed the preamp.

Well, good news the system works as well as it did over a year ago.  I get
S = 1.5 dB noise floor and the beacon at S = 5.5 just like it used to.
Also heard some loud signals on the bird.  I tried hearing my own Mode-U
signal and barely heard my cw at S = 1.5 to 2.0.  I guess there is too much
attenuation for my 50w thru the RG-213 coax for the squint (25 to 55
today), or I need to check alignment of my UHF antenna with the dish.  I
guess, too, I need to get the 50w UHF PA back up on the roof.  Oh well,
nice to copy some telemetry...sent in to amsat.

I was too late to look for the beacon on AO-10 (had set on me).

Ed - AL7EB
AO-40:  FT-847, MKU-232 preamp, Unmod Drake, 33-inch offset feed dish
(5-1/4 turn helix feed), M2-436CP42

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