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At 08:58 AM 1/26/2003 -0500, Gunther Meisse wrote:
>Just for the record. With a good downlink rig, one can copy the MB at MA 4+
>with squints as high as 70+ degrees. I do it all the time... You must work
>at it, but it is doable. Yesterday I was coping the MB in the MA 10+ and up
>until the turn-on at MA 55ish 19:33U 1/25/03. The transponder likely would
>be of little use at that squint, but MB yes..
>Thank goodness the issue was fixed with a simple ground command, and there
>was not anything massive wrong!!!!

Gunther, etal:

Yes, even with my 33-inch offset feed dish I was able to hear the MB out at
times to squints of 50 even one time to 65.  There are a couple
squint-angles that the signal "notches" (drops off) which I assume is due
to the antenna pattern on AO-40.  Been a long time but I think it was
around squints of 29-30 and 48 degrees.   Obviously, yesterdays problem was
determined and worked-around.

I am going to try getting on today (if only to test my downlink equipment).
 AO-40 AOS is 2340 utc/Ma 175.  I have to reconnect power to my preamp and
check the cables for mode-U and mode-S on the icy roof.  Then we will see
(I hope). 

Ed - AL7EB

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