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Signals on the band..

On Sun, 26 Jan 2003, John Charles wrote:

> Tone heard on 145.807 MHz
> Switch computer off - no tone
> Switch computer on - tone back on frequency again.

Here's one that baffles me:

147.445 MHz always seems to have a noisey carrier on it no matter were I
go, no matter what radio.  The reason it is so noticible is that 147.45 is
the local frequency for Space Shuttle Voice retransmission, so it is
exasperating that you cannot just set a radio on that frequncy and have a
quiet radio unless the Astronauts speak.  The QRM signal keeps the radio
squelch open everwhere.

My suspicions used to be that it was caused by the common AT computer PC
which are everywehere, but now there are so many varieties of PC, that
there should be other ones too...

Has anyone figured this out?  Just curious..


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