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Replacement For KCT??

About a week ago, my trusty computer crashed big-time.  Windows 98SE was
reloaded; we formatted the HD and started from scratch.  However, neither
the onboard nor SoundBlaster 16 PCI sound cards work and this morning, the
3.5 FD can no longer be accessed.  My suspicion is the motherboard is going
down the tubes.  Monday, we're going to attempt another reload of Win98SE on
the possibility something went amiss the first time.

Right now, for pointing the satellite array, I'm using a Yaesu G-400 for
azimuth and the KenPro KR-500 (Yaesu G-500) for elevation; they're
interfaced to KCT by a custom built cable and all seems to work fine.

Bottom line: I  use Kansas City Tracker which requires a ISA slot and as
you know, those motherboards are becoming VERY hard to find.  KCT has served
me well over the years, but I think it might be time for a change.

Are there any PCI based tracking units or trackers which can be interfaced
to my rotors without a major engineering project?  I know there are units
which direct-connect to the Yaesu 5400/5500/???; could those be modified to
work with standard rotor control boxes.  Would the 5400/5500 control box
work with my current rotors?

Also, if anyone knows of any reliable motherboards with an ISA slot, please
pass that along, too.

......no one of us is smarter than all of us.

Tom Webb, WA9AFM/5

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