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Re: dish paint

At 12:19 PM 1/24/03 -0800, Mike Nason wrote:
>Sounds good to me. First off, the zinc oxide primer is a must if you want
>the paint to say on the dish. and for the flat white I think I'd use a gloss
>finish or atleast semi gloss because it will clean off easier. Infact
>you might want to wax the dish a couple of months after its painted so
>dirt will hose off better.
>   Mike
>> I have a question concerning the type of paint for my aluminum dish.  I
>purchased a can of green zinc oxide primer and then a can of flat white
>enamal to go over it.  The question is..........  will the zinc in the paint
>be a problem for the electrical characteristics of the dish.

If I remember correctly we used zinc primer on the waveguide (outside) at
NASA.  They had a specific formulation for the dishes that was a flat white
(to diffuse sunlight to keep from frying the LNA at the focal point).
Basically it was Titanium Dioxide pigment.  We used a semi-gloss paint
called appliance white for the waveguide.

I believe the main concern is if you build up a dielectric layer by
painting the dish surface that can absorb RF.  I doubt you will see any
effects as long as you don't paint it with a heavy layer.

Ed - AL7EB

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