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Re: AO-10 Heard in ITALY

On Fri, 2003-01-24 at 06:26, Rocco IK8XLD wrote:
> Hi,
> this morning I have listened ao-10 beacon on the frequency of 145.807  
> at  10:20 UTC.  
> The signal was very weak but clearly audible.
> I have tried the transponder but no answer.
> ___________________________________

Could you give a little more information please?  Did you hear the
beacon the whole time you listened or was it like was suggested that you
had to listen for a 1/2 hour and wait for the beacon to come to you? 
How long were you able to hear it?  What type of antenna setup do you
have?  Trying the transponder with no answer, does that mean you heard
your own downlink and no one answered you or that you couldn't hear your
own downlink?


Ryan Butler <rbutler@tsss.org>

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