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Re: Saudisat 1C availability

On Thursday 23 January 2003 15:48, John Mock wrote:

> Clearly SO-50 requires a 67.0 Hz PL to access the uplink, and the mode J-FM
> frequencies are the same as the original frequencies for AO-27.
> Several questions remain:
> * Is there additional actions necessary on a per-pass basis to make the
> bird available, or has that now been programmed into the satellite so that
> only a 67 Hz is necessary to activate mode J-FM (power permitting)?

Yes, there are.  Generally speaking the satellite needs to be enabled
several times per orbit and if it's coming at your qth from somewhere where
there is no control op it will likely not be available.

> * If it is not currently programmed into the satellite, is it currently
> being activated automatically by a ground station, or manually?

I can't speak for all the control ops, but I'm currently doing it manually.
For obvious reasons I can't make every pass, especially those over
Australia :-)

I'd like to automate things, but I need to do a little rearranging of the
station before I can.

> * In either case, does that mean the satellite may not be accessible
> outside of the range of a designated control operator (or if a nearby
> control operator is not on the air for some reaon)?

Very True,  Once a command operator enables the satellite it's available
for a fixed period of time then it needs to be commanded back on.  I 
generally try to kick it just before it goes out of my range so that it
stays on as long as possible.

> Hopefully someone here knows the answer and we don't have to bother the
> folks in Saudi Arabia who have been so kind as to develop and make these
> satellites available.
> 			        -- KD6PAG

I encourage everyone to give SO-50 a try, it's a kick to use and it doesn't
take much power to get into it.

Hope this helps.

Ken,  N7IPB
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