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Re: Yaesu 5400 rotator problem

I don't know about the pot corroding out.  I had bought the rotor a couple
of years ago at Dayton for $100.  It worked at the time.  When I was testing
it out before Thanksgiving, I noticed that the needle didn't indicate.  It
looked like some internal sort of failure due to not being used or
something.  Between "hot" end of the pot and the wiper, there was a couple K
of resistance.  Between the wiper and ground, there was nothing (ie: open
circuit).  The circuit uses the resistance between the wiper and ground to
change voltage and measure needle deflection.  You send about 7 volts up the
rotor cable and measure the return voltage to ground on the wiper.  That's
how primitive the circuit is.  Infinite resistance = no meter movement.

No idea why it failed.  Glad it failed before I put it up!



on 1/23/03 7:48 PM, Robert Oler at cvn65vf94@msn.com wrote:

> Hello Jon (and all)
> Welcome back.
> Just curious
> <<>I had a similar problem with my G-500A rotor.  Turns out it was the
>> indicator pot inside the rotor.  It's pretty easy to replace and Yaesu will
>> send gladly send you a replacement.  The cost here for me was about
>> $20.00.<<
> Did the pot corrode out?  I was just talking today with another ham who had
> the same exact problem and he said the problem was water corrosion.  I dont
> have that rotor but I have a couple of friends who do.

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