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Upcoming DX on satellite

The following DXpeditions announced that they will be on satellite. 
(Courtesy The Daily DX Bulletin):


XR6M will be the callsign from Chile's Mocha Island (SA-061) February
5-9, entirely devoted to 6M with four operators.  Look for them on
50110 kHz plus satellites AO-40, AO-7, UO-14, RS-15 and AO-27.  Ops
are XQ3SA, Guillermo; CE3AFC, Axel; CE3VII, Hector; and CE3SAG,
Felipe.  Their web site is http://www.qsl.net/xr6m

Ducie Island

Those involved in the second DXpedition to Ducie Island now seem to be
slowly releasing details of the upcoming trip.  "Pilot station"
WA2MOE, Stu, put out a statement this weekend that "The Daily DX
reported that the call of this operation is VP6DI2.  That is

Stu is correct but so was The Daily DX at the time the information was
given, because the callsign was changed!  The callsign was originally
expected to be the unusual callsign VP6DI2, per both the Pitcairn
licensing authority and the DXpedition's leader, who is in fact going
on the expedition and will be the QSL manager, certainly an
authoritative spokesman.  We refer to JR2KDN, Yuichi.  Yuichi
confirmed there has now been a change and the call will now be VP6D,
which of course seems very sensible.

We now learn that there will be three sites set up, with activity on
all bands including 6 meters and AO-40.  For those of you who missed
the first Ducie operation, it seems you will have a better chance this
time around as they plan to have both 20 meters and 15 meters QRV
around the clock.

OPDX is reporting the operators' preferred modes/bands as follows:
DJ9ON, Dieter (CW op); DK9KX, Hans (CW op); FO3BM, Philippe (6m SSB
op); JA1SLS, Hiro (CW/SSB op); JR2KDN, Yuichi (SSB op); N6TQS, Doug
(SSB and AO-40 op); VP6DB, Dave (10m SSB op); VP6AZ, Mike (10m SSB
op); and VP6MW, Meralda (17/12m CW/SSB op).  Pilot stations will be
JE2EHP, je2ehp@jarl.com; DJ8NK, C_Harders@compuserve.com;
and WA2MOE wa2moe@firstinter.net.  They will have two web sites:
http://www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/ducie.htm and
http://www.qsl.net/aa0mz/ducie2.htm.  The QSL manager is JR2KDN,
direct or bureau.  Thank you, Yuichi, for keeping us informed as
things unfold.


Mike, N8MR

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