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An apology to the amsat-bb@amsat.org distribution list

Please accept this as my apology to the entire amateur radio community 
about several notes being sent earlier today from my email ID. 
 Apparently someone else in my household had picked up my email and 
thought it was theirs and not understanding the email content on this BB 
responded in a way they thought appropriate.  After arriving home from 
work this evening and seeing the sad state of affairs with my email, I 
literally feel sick in what has happened.  I have talked to the person 
responsible in my family and showed them the error of their ways and 
would like to say "I'm sorry" to all of you.  

I do want to continue to receive the AMSAT bulletins and emails so 
please I'm asking we all let this matter drop and consider it closed and 
dealt with.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Bruce Reynolds
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