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AO-40 Squint

Hello Group,

on the AO-40 pass of yesterday (1-23-03) I noted something that appeared
to me to be "unnatural".  AOS for me was at about 19:30 UTC.  At that
point I had 22 degrees of squint and rising.  I was able to hear my own
CW down link with as little as .4 degrees of elevation.  I was able to
work several Europeans before MA 210.  At that point the elevation, for
me,was about 6 degrees and the squint was at 36.5 degrees.  The most
abnormal thing I noted was just before MA 210 my own downlink was at the
very least 10 db above where it was at 22 degrees of squint.  I have
often said to myself and others that no two orbits of AO-40 are alike. 
Each is unique in one way or another.  My understanding of what SHOULD be
happening as the squint rises has always been that it's more difficult to
hear the bird and get into it with high squint angles.  Is something
going on aboard AO-40 that none of us are aware of??

My ground station:  Up with about 60 w. on U band to an 18 element linear
M2 Yagi.  Down with a 34 in. spun aluminum dish, 3 turn Helix feed to a
DEM pre-amp to an AIDC-3303 downconverter to a DEM transverter (RX side
only..Both inside the shack.) to 29 Mhz and into my FT-920.  All of this
mounted on a 10  ft. tripod on the roof of my house with a total height
of about 30 ft. 

Any explanations, real or theory would be appreciated.

73 to all.  Frank, K0BLT

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