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re: Sudisat 1C

   G'day everybody,
   I was wondering if anyone has managed to work Sudisat 1C? I just had a pass
   (23:04UTC 22/01) and was unable to hear anything on either 436.775 or
   436.800 (two published D/L frequencies which one is correct?) I was
   transmitting on 145.850 with a subaudible tone of 67hz as published. Maybe
   the sat needs to be enabled for transmit as it is passing Australia, not too

I have worked it on afternoon passes over the western U.S. and no, it
does not transmit unless it hears an uplink (which can make it hard to
find with a hand-held antenna in the absense of other traffic).  So it
may be hard to work Down Under unless other folks are already on.

I have only worked it a couple of times soon after launch and am not
sure what it's current operational status over the U.S. is.  I have a
couple of question about this, which i will post separately.

		         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, Satellite QRPer)
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