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To FT-736r users. Pse help!

Hi all

Sorry if this email it's a bit OT, but I know there are 
many (actual or past) 736r users on this list.

About a year ago I bougth a second hand 736r.
Becaused I saw several posts on this list mentioning 
problems with the internal power supply, I asked the
owner if had any problem. No was the answer.
I've been using it since then (on 6 and 2m) without any 
problems. Until a few nights ago during a local QSO!
During my transmition the rig just shut off, and I imediately
knew it was the PS. So I connected an exterior PS,
and finished the QSO. Today was the repair day.
As many mails mentioned in the past, dry capacitors
and bad solder joints seem to be the typical problems.
This was no exception: I replaced the damaged C7, and 
C6, C9 and C12 just for precaution (please read: to not 
open it again soon, hi), and the PS is now back in service.
However now it produces some "wierd" noise...
When running half power, a kind of chirp-chirp (or more
like a static) noise come from the PS, but if I run full 
power, no noise is heard. Also, after a 10min."key down test",
the noise is gone. But when I turn it off, a kind of pulse
noise is heard, fading fast.
Is this normal (and I didn't noticed before) or is something
else could be bad???

BTW, does anyone have the PS schematics? 
Or, even better, the Service Manual?
I think I will need it because, while testing the radio, I 
realised UHF band (never used before) had no output power!
I removed the top cover and the cause was evident:
something (water?) was dropped inside the rig, and hit 
the UHF board... Just my luck! (No, I have no idea if it 
was me who did it, or if I just bought it like that. Yeah, 
I'll be more carefull next time. You bet :o).
A quick test told me nothing come out on 430MHz,
but about 1W is the output at 439.9 MHz.
Could this mean the hybrid is gone???

I really apreciate your thoughts on both topics.
Many thanks in advance.

73 F.Costa, CT1EAT

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