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President's Letter January 2003

Hello All,
Time seems to go very quickly and before I realize what is happening it is 
time for another newsletter. As you are aware, AMSAT-NA tries to hold its 
Annual meeting and Space Symposium in a different part of the continent each 
This allows a number of people to attend when it is in their local area, 
particularly  those who cannot travel any distance.  This year we will be 
returning to Toronto, Canada and it is some six years ago that we were there. 
Toronto is easy driving from many of the US North Central States with 
expressways leading almost to the Hotel door. A web site is being set up and 
will be fully accessible from the AMSAT web page.
We are now looking for volunteers to hold the 2004 meeting and it would be 
great to have that settled before this years meeting in order to give the 
2005 organizers a "look" at our format. Please send your offers to me at 
VE3FRH@amsat.org preferably to arrive before our next Board of Directors 
meeting which will be held in Silver Spring  MD. on March 1st 2003.
As I have asked a number of officers to be present at this BoD meeting space 
will be very limited. The meeting will be open to members however, there may 
be certain topics at which only the elected and specific appointed officers 
may be present.
If you would like to attend, please let me know in advance, and any remaining 
space will be allocated on a first request basis.
This board meeting will look at the allocation of our funds for building 
satellites, and at all of our financial matters. I am pleased to announce 
that the "President's Club"  is attracting donors. However the reduction in 
economic activity in the USA is being reflected in the total number who are 
Although he does not know it (yet) Richard Haxton KC3AN is our 100th 
President's Club Core Donor. Richard is a Life Member of AMSAT so it is not 
possible to extend his membership, I will have to think of another way to 
reward him.
Meanwhile "Congratulations to Richard".  
Now ..... Who will be the 200th New Core Donor and the recipient of a one 
year membership?
For your information there are currently 18 Gold Donors, 12 Silver Donors, 18 
Bronze Donors and 100 Core Donors. Although this is quite a substantial 
number we do need to have an average income per member of about $100 and we 
are still quite a long way from that goal - can you help?.
Now for the good news!. It seems that Echo will probably be launched sometime 
in a window starting in September 2003 and lasting through December 2003.
More on this as we approach the launch.

Robin Haighton

Robin Haighton VE3FRH
President AMSAT-NA
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