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Fw: AO-40 QSO Party


Bravo to the suggestions below.  I have a question about procedure.  I
fully realize that this is entirely informal but that AMSAT has extended
its blessing thereto.  As such, is there any formal or informal, for that
matter, way of making QSO exchange information so that the contact can be
considered "legal"?  Since the intended nature of the whole affair is to
try and create additional AO-40 activity, am I correct in assuming there
are no "points or scores" to see who is the top satellite operator? 
Since signal reports are "relative" when making a satellite QSO it might
be better to exchange grid locators and names.  If there have already
been "rules" posted I've missed reading them.

I do have one further "suggestion" I'd like to offer.  I'm an avid CW
operator and there is, in my opinion, not nearly enough CW activity on
AO-40.  Perhaps we CW addicts can operate BELOW the MB and not create
"QRM" for those who will be operating fone above the MB.  All of the
above is simply my 2 cents worth.

The whole purpose is to "create" a fun atmospher on the bird and I hope
that those who choose to participate make it just that.  I fully intend
to do so and if, by some stroke of luck, a new one for my satellite DXCC
shows up I'll consider that frosting on the cake!!

73 to all.  Frank, K0BLT

Considering that the AO-40 QSO Party is coming up this weekend, 24-27 Jan
UTC, I'm wondering what ideas people might have to make the event
and minimize disruption to those who are on the satellite but not
participating in the QSO party.  I'll start with three suggestions.

1.  Make sure your signal is 10db below the level of the MB. I leave one
tuned to the MB and it is easy to compare my level to the MB with just
button pushes.

2.  Pick a spot in the passband away from the usual active area just
the MB.  I suggest either MB+75 kHz and above or MB-25KHz and below.
Remember the passband is 250 kHz wide and extends from 2401.225 to

3.  Try to keep an "operating event" or "party" attitude.  It will only
a few aggressive big guns to make people decide that these type of events
should never again be held on satellites.


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