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Re: Yaesu 5400 rotator problem

on 1/22/03 4:01 AM, Robert Turlington at rob_g8ate@hotmail.com wrote:

> we have a  problem with the Yaesu 5400 rotator at the GB2NSC station.
> When holding down the elevation up button the indicator stays at zero then
> after a few seconds goes to full scale deflection ,I don't know if the
> antennas are moving or not,all cables and connectors have been checked at
> the controller end.Azimuth looks OK any ideas would be much appreciated.

Hi Robert,

I had a similar problem with my G-500A rotor.  Turns out it was the
indicator pot inside the rotor.  It's pretty easy to replace and Yaesu will
send gladly send you a replacement.  The cost here for me was about $20.00.

You will have to take the rotor apart completely but that's easy to do.
Then, you will need to sort of "preset" the pot to about the center of its
range.  This is important as the circuit that detects the position of the
rotor is not very sophisticated.  There's a pot inside your rotor controller
box as well and the two pots need to be "balanced" together for proper
needle calibration.  That was the tricky part in the replacement.  If the
indicator pot on the rotor wasn't set properly, the needle would go fine
until 90 degrees and then suddenly jump to 180.  Now that I have it
balanced, it is very accurate.

Before you replace the rotor pot though, check the calibration pot on the
back of your rotor box.  That could have gotten moved.  If it's too far one
way or the other, it could cause that jumping you see.  If tweaking that
doesn't work then, yes, you have a pot problem.

Good luck.



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