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Next AO40 Beacon + 20 Net 1-25-03 0200Z

Hello friends!  The next AO-40 beacon + 20 net will be conducted by Pat
Herendeen - WX3J on 1-25-03 @ 0200Z.  For you non military types, that's
1-24-03 2000Central Standard Time.  Now don't forget,1-24 actually becomes
1-25 at 6pm Friday night here in West Texas.  I guess we could call that
WTT, but then, that just wouldn't be fair to those of you, not so fortunate
as Jerry and I, who have the privilege of living in this hot, dry, windy,
etc. etc. lovely state we call home.  I think Jerry gets a bit more rain
than I do though.  Well, I've had a lot of fun with this Email, but it's
time to go and see if there is a window of opportunity open in the other
room.  No, I was not referring to catching a LEO Satellite.........  If I
have offended anybody with my Email humor, please accept my sincere apology.
Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee, Oh, my side is killing me!

See you on the B1RD!


Pat / WX3J
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