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Another Transition for W3GEY

Dear Colleagues,

It is with considerable sadness and also considerable excitement that I
share with all of you that I have decided to begin a transition in the
direction of retirement.  On or around February 20, I will be moving to
Australia as a permanent transition.  In some months time we will be moving
into our home which is in Noosa, Queensland (VK4-land).  The plan involves
taking a very short term Visiting Fellowship at Queensland University of
Technology in Brisbane.  After May of this year, I will return to the States
and wait for various visa transactions to occur.  During that time I will be
working in Pasadena and San Diego.  This should be finished in July
sometime.  Then I will return to Noosa.  My plan is to return several times
to the U.S. each year for work and vacation, as my children still live in
the Western U.S.  I plan right now, to continue to work with Ecliptic
Enterprises, however, at a slightly reduced pace.

I plan to be active in the amateur satellite arena from VK, who were early
participants in the Amateur Satellite Service as many will recall.  There
are two MicroSat projects going on down there right now and I think they
could use my help.  I also would like to twist the arm of those I am working
with on the SatCoord activities to allow me to take the empty ITU Region 3
position which is now vacant.  I'm already well plugged in to the ACA in
Australia (FCC equivalent) and we have a very good friend, in Mark Loney,
within that organization.  Curious that he should be responsible for the
satellite and amateur services in Australia.  One stop shopping.  I may be
able to be even more involved with the Australian Space Program.  Watch this

I will always remember all of the projects we have done together and the
amazing amount of hardware and software we have collectively produced.  It
will be a long time before anyone else catches up to AMSAT in that regard.
Pity so few in the world know about it.  Over the weekend I sent off seven
containers of carefully sorted documentation that is much of the technical
history of the first 25 years of AMSAT.  [Marhta, here they come!]  I can't
afford to send this much stuff to Australia and then someday back again.  It
belongs here.  Much of it has been in my garage through about a dozen moves
from Lanham, MD to San Diego, CA and points in between. It's amazing what I
relearned in sorting that stuff out.  Pictures and letters I've not seen for
30 years.  Lots of memories.  I hope these files will be kept for our

So, I do plan to be active and one of my priorities is to get back on the
air again, now that I won't have damned antenna restrictions anymore.  As
soon as I can, I want to get a VK4 call sign, if they are not all used up.
I will be back to the U.S. regularly and will try and time it with various
AMSAT and small satellite events if at all possible.

Jennie and I have struggled here in California and we will both be very glad
to leave this place.  California in the 21st century is certainly a place to
avoid, I would say.  I very much look forward to a lower stress life as far
as just being able to drive on the road or go and visit a friend, is

If you think you might be interested in seeing a place that is about a 4
hour drive from the Great Barrier Reef and near two different locations that
are on the World Heritage List please contact us as we would love to have
you stay with us.  We will have a pool, a frog pond, a lake and we will be
very near some of the most unbelievable beaches you have ever seen
(promise).  The birds are off scale.  We even have a peacock, if he hasn't
flown the coupe since we were down there last.

See you all on email, on the air! or in person at one or the other AMSAT
fuction in the future.

73's and 88's to All,

Jan, W3GEY
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